Healthy Strong Shoulders – Using No Chaturangas

In this 60 minute vinyasa-based yoga class, we are focusing on shoulders and using postures and actions that help create an overall healthy shoulder girdle. We don’t have any chaturangas in this class, but lots of other actions to help us create stronger, longer and more stable shoulders. Recommended Props: 2 Blocks, 1 Strap & 1 Blanket (or anything that …

60 Minute Vinyasa – Hip Flexors & Inner Thighs

Modern life leads to tight, weak hip flexors, quads and inner thighs. This class is designed around combatting that. We will work postures that target these areas but as always in my classes, you will still get well-balance all-around sequencing. Plenty of opportunities for arm balance that require actions that work the hip flexors and inner thighs. Recommended Props: 2 …

60 Min Vinyasa – Outer Hips, Glutes & Hamstrings

This class is focused on strengthening and lengthening the outer hip, glutes & hamstrings. These muscles/areas are vital to our overall body health especially with our standing balancing poses and our everyday posture and balance. Recommended Props: 2 Blocks

Peacock & King Pigeon – A whole lot of back body work

In this vinyasa class, we will explore the actions of Peacock & King Pigeon. We will find the actions of these poses while in postures that are easier to find the actions so when the time comes the body has a better understanding of how to work within these peak poses. Props Recommended: 1 Block, 1 Strap

Vinyasa – All About the Hips

In this class we focus on the hips. When we think of hips, we need to think of them as a cylinder and we need to work on all sides. Most vinyasa classes that say they are hip opener sequences, tend to just focus on the outside of the hip. This class we will work all different spots. Props Recommended: 2 …

Vinyasa – Back Body Strengthening – No Chaturangas!

This class uses no chaturangas to strengthen the posterior chain (backside) of the body. We do so much forward folding and front body strengthening in yoga that we need to do a better job at balancing that out. This class does that. Props Needed: 2 Blocks

Vinyasa – Outer Hips/Standing Balance/Back Body Focus

We are continuing on with our focus on activating what we are stretching. No more passive stretching as a default. This class focuses on outer hips, standing balance and the posterior chain of the body. It also includes pike jumps to force us to find our float. Props Needed: 2 Blocks & 1 Strap

Vinyasa – Lats & Serratus Anterior Awareness/Engagement

This class is focused on bringing awareness to the lats and serratus anterior to bring stability and support to the shoulders & shoulder girdle. Whether our arms are extended overhead or in fully loaded postures like plank, crow, handstand, etc. we need to be more aware and engaged with our lats and serratus to bring these big power muscles into …

Activating What We’re Stretching – Vinyasa Flow

No more passively stretching in vinyasa as our default. We need to activate the muscles that we are stretching to prevent injury but increase overall health of our body and a more functional, healthy, stronger range of motion. In this class we explore ways to activate the muscles that we are trying to stretch. No you will not become less …