Dublin 300hr Teacher Training

Deepen Your Knowledge, Boost Your Confidence, and Sharpen Your Teaching Skills

An Advanced Yoga Education

in a supportive setting

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Who is this training for:

  • Yoga teachers and experienced practitioners looking for an advanced-level education
  • Yoga teachers looking to take their teaching to the next level, grow their confidence & find their true, unique voice
  • Yoga students wanting to deepen their knowledge, technique, skill and inspiration with their yoga practice
  • Teachers wanting to further their education and complete their 500hr certification

What challenges is this training designed to help with?

At some point in our teaching careers, we all come to the realization that higher-level training is necessary to boost our confidence and teaching skills. Just like you, I've personally experienced numerous unexpected challenges on this journey and have found that I need more guidance and support to help me navigate and develop the career I aspire to.

This course offers a well-structured, organized, deep, and professional approach that can effectively tackle many of the common challenges experienced by yoga teachers, including:

Verbal Cuing

Your skill in effectively cueing your students will significantly improve throughout this training. Your ability to communicate details and complex concepts to your students will enhance your role as a teacher, providing you with greater confidence and presence


The anatomy covered in foundational trainings simply isn't sufficient. In this training, you'll acquire practical, up-to-date knowledge of anatomy that you can apply directly in your classes and teachings."


The most important aspect of being a high-level teacher is developing smart, safe, and effective sequences. This training offers comprehensive guidance, from creating sequences for various posture groups to planning for workshops, retreats, public classes, and more.


In the digital age, where an abundance of information can be overwhelming, it becomes challenging to discern which asana techniques are safe, sustainable, and effective, and which ones should be avoided. This training, drawing from years of experience with modern sports science, will teach you the latest, up-to-date asana techniques.


Most of us go into teaching driven by our love of yoga, only to discover that turning it into a sustainable career can be quite challenging. This course provides guidance, based on decades of experience in building successful businesses, to help you establish a thriving, profitable, and sustainable yoga business that you can take pride in.


Grasping ancient philosophy in a contemporary context can be challenging. There's a wealth of complexity to unravel, and at times, it may seem disconnected from our lives. This training is designed to make philosophy accessible, enabling you to genuinely comprehend its transformative wisdom.

How it Works

This program is designed to be simple, flexible & accessible with 4 distinct modules. Each module is unique and different. The dates listed for the modules are the schedule in-person content.

If you are completing your 500hr certificate with this training, an additional, required 90 hours of the training will be online in both prerecorded and live formats to allow for different learning styles and life schedules.

Full Program Pricing

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ends 23 Feb 2024
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The Modules

Module I:

Building Your Foundation - Unlocking the Hips, Feet & Knees

When: TBD in 2025

Day off for Easter Sunday

Overview: What We’ll Be Learning

  • A deep dive into the anatomy of the feet, ankles, knees & hips
  • How everything begins with the feet; if they are insufficient, so goes the rest
  • The Power of Sequencing: Creating safe, smart & effective sequences for the feet, knees & hips
  • Safe and Effective Practices for True Hip Mobility
  • Safe & effective hands-on assists for the hips and knees to help to build confidence in providing manual adjustments
  • Addressing hip dysfunction, pain and injuries in practice
  • Understanding and effectively teaching leg and hip rotation
  • Managing knee issues: pain, dysfunction and injuries
  • How to safely and effectively utilize the legs and hips in all posture categories
  • A comprehensive exploration of philosophy within the yoga tradition
Module II:

The Core & Spine

When: 31 May - 4 June

Overview: What We’ll Be Learning

  • A deep dive into the anatomy of the pelvis, core and spine
  • Building better balance between flexibility and stability in every posture family
  • Mastering and teaching advanced backbends
  • The Power of Sequencing: Creating safe, smart & effective sequences for the spine; focusing on backbends, forward bends, twist and side bends
  • Safe & effective hands-on assists for the spine and core
  • How to build true strength and integrity within the core and how to teach it
  • Bringing Buddhism and the Yoga tradition together
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Module III:

The Importance of Calm

When: 2 August - 6 August

Overview: What We’ll Be Learning

  • An in-depth look into the nervous system
  • Harnessing the power of breath
  • Cultivating a mindfulness practice and its importance
  • Infusing mindfulness into your teaching and classes
  • The Art of Restoration: Creating and teaching a restorative yoga practice
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Module IV:

Strength and Mobility of the Shoulders and Neck

When: 5 Oct. - 6 Oct. &
10 Oct. - 13 Oct.

Overview: What We’ll Be Learning

  • A deep dive into the anatomy of the shoulders, neck and arms
  • The Power of Sequencing: Creating safe, smart & effective sequences for the shoulders and neck
  • Addressing shoulder dysfunction, imbalance and pain
  • Dealing with neck dysfunction, imbalance and pain
  • Safe & effective hands-on assists for the shoulders and neck
  • Mastering and teaching arm-balances and inversions
  • Ensuring proper neck safety and integration in all posture categories
  • Building a successful yoga business
  • The Power of Sequencing: Creating safe, smart & effective content for workshops, retreats and trainings
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