Workshops & Master Classes

Yoga for the Modern Yogi

A 2 hr Master Class

Let’s face it, our modern lifestyle is drastically different from back in the 19th century when the physical, posture-based yoga practice first took shape. We sit more. We drive cars and take buses everywhere. We have comfy couches that have definitely changed our posture. We have smartphones & devices that distract us & take up much of our time.

It is not a stretch to say that our modern lifestyle has challenged our body's ability to care for itself.

Please join Tate for a two-hour masterclass, in-studio & online, intended for all curious yogis and all modern bodies. Tate will guide an exploration of principles intended to help us find a greater sense of balance, avoid injury, and discover the true sustainability intended for this practice . . oftentimes this exploration reveals that less really can be more!

Highlights of class material include:

  • Contrasting how the modern body has changed compared to bodies from when the physical yoga practice was established
  • Explore how we might better care for our physical bodies in light of these changes
  • Discover the importance of active vs passive stretching & range of motion (ROM) and how this can have a big impact on our practice
  • Work to create a better balance between strength and flexibility
Sun. may 16th
12PM - 2PM Pacific