Advanced Yoga Training

Deepen Your Knowledge & Skill

An Advanced Yoga Education

in a supportive, flexible setting

8 Distinct Modules

Each module is unique and different. This training is meant to be completed over time so choose and finish modules when your schedule allows for it.

  1. Feet, Ankles, Knees
  2. Hips
  3. Core & Spine
  4. Shoulders
  5. The Power of Sequencing - Efficient, Smart & Safe
  6. Business of Yoga
  7. Mindfulness Meditation
  8. Mentorship Program (Minimum 3 Months to Complete)
Who is this training for:
  • Yoga teachers and experienced practitioners looking for an advanced-level education
  • Yoga teachers looking to take their teaching to the next level, grow their confidence & find their true, unique voice
  • Yoga students wanting to deepen their knowledge, technique & skill with their yoga practice
  • Teachers wanting to further their education and complete their 500hr certification
How it Works:

This program is designed to be simple and flexible. Take modules as they fit your schedule and budget. No need or pressure to rush completion of the program. These modules will be offered year after year. Take it at your own pace.

For the certification

  1. A $150 program entry fee is required for record keeping.
  2. Sign up and pay for each module as your schedule allows.
  3. Upon completion of all modules, participants may be eligible for Yoga Alliance Certification for 500hr RYT.

Without Certification

  1. No program entry fee.
  2. Sign up and pay for each module as your schedule allows.
  3. Each module can be used for continuing education through Yoga Alliance.


Modules Range from $150 - $685

Upcoming Modules


when: November 3 - 6

Thursday - Friday: 9:30am - 5pm

Saturday - Sunday: 12pm - 7pm

Where: TruFusion Bellevue


  • Deep look into the anatomy of the hip joint.
  • How to work safely & efficiently with hips.
  • How to use the hip joint in every category of postures.
  • How to work hip pain, injury or dysfunction.
  • Daily 2-hour physical practices using what we learn in the lectures.
Price: $535

Core & Spine

when: Jan. 5 - 8

Thursday - Sunday: 9am - 5pm



  • Deep look into the anatomy of the core & spine.
  • How to work safely & efficiently with the core & spine.
  • How to use the core & spine in every category of postures.
  • How to work core & spine pain, injury or dysfunction.
  • Daily 2-hour physical practices using what we learn in the lectures.
Price: $535

What Tate Englund Yoga Students Are Saying


Rachel M.

I will be honest - as a physical therapist I was apprehensive about taking yoga teacher training. I knew that I wanted a course that would be anatomy forward and thoughtful about movement adaptations, but that would also educate me on many of the aspects of yoga that aren't typically covered in a public 60 min class. Tate's 200 hour course was honestly one of the best decisions I made in 2020. Through the craziness of COVID, and the uncertainty of what teaching would look like in the future, Tate created a warm, welcoming environment that held space for discussion, debate and the occasional anatomical/kinematic argument. This course is not just a cookie cutter, check the boxes curriculum - instead Tate encourages his students to develop their own style as instructors and tailors the course to the interests of the group. I use flows, tools, and concepts that I learned in this program daily in my clinical practice and truly found the experience to be invaluable. I would encourage anyone looking to get into teaching or just deepen their practice to consider this program.


Tricia G.

Tate Englund Yoga teacher training program is excellent! I had a wonderful experience deepening my knowledge and practice of yoga, and completed the program with a solid foundation, feeling confident to teach. The curriculum/syllabus was thorough, well-rounded, and well thought out. From the immersion and attention to detail with the anatomy and physiology, cuing poses, meditation, to learning about yoga philosophy, everything we learned had a purpose. All the teachers were so knowledgeable, skillful, inclusive and also genuine in their approach. They were always eager to answer questions and help with whatever we needed, which made me feel valuable and at ease as a student. My overall experience was outstanding! Tate is a remarkable mentor! Months after finishing and receiving my 200 hour certification, I continue to feel supported by my teachers and fellow TT classmates.


Alyssa J.

After practicing for more than a decade I had been wanting to do yoga certification for quite some time. Purely to improve my own practice. After attending Tate's classes, I felt confident and assured that his certification offering would be a great move. The training, tools, yoga family and even confidence I received during the training have stayed with me even more than a year later. The certification was truly invaluable and I even did decide to teach via YouTube videos for a while before my full time job got too busy. It was more than I could have hoped for and am so glad I took the opportunity to do it.

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