Do You Have A Shoulder?

Do you have a shoulder? Sounds like a stupid question right? Hear me out on this.

Our shoulders need to flex, extend, adduct, abduct and rotate in and out of all these positions to perform the daily tasks we ask of our shoulders. I’ve mentioned before that our body does an unbelievable job overcompensating to make sure that we can perform the task at hand. The problem with this, is if we don’t have a fully capable shoulder, other joints in our body step in to act as a shoulder. Not ideal. We don’t want our back to act as a shoulder. It wasn’t designed to be a shoulder. We don’t want our rib cage to rotate to help us get enough extension, the rib cage needs to do its job. Our shoulders were designed to be shoulders. If they can’t do what we need them to do, I would argue we don’t actually have a shoulder.

In this video I help us figure out whether we actually have a shoulder and if we don’t have a shoulder, I’ve added a few ways to create a shoulder.