Are You Really Stretching Your Hip Flexors?

Long read ahead, but IMO it’s worth it 😀

Are your hip flexors tight? Do you practice anjaneyasana thinking you are getting the hip flexors?  If you are, you might be missing a big part of the puzzle. 


✅ Your rectus femoris, one of your quads, is your primary hip flexor. Doing  anjaneyasana with the hips low and down, is only really getting the top bit of the rec fem. Over 2/3 of this primary hip flexor isn’t really getting lengthened.

✅ You are putting heavy load on the hip capsule. When working the hips forward and low in Anjaneyasana, the sensation you are feeling is centralized to right about where the coin pocket is in your jeans. That’s right where your hip capsule is. Not ideal.

By making a few modifications to your posture, you can really get into the hip flexors and add some eccentric strength while you’re at it.

1️⃣ Bring the hips back over the knee so the thigh is vertical

2️⃣ Firm the back foot into the floor and pull forward

3️⃣ Lift the front rim of your pelvis up so your pelvis (think hip points up)

4️⃣ Lower ribs in

If you still want more, keep the back foot pressing down and pulling forward, and from there, work the hips down a bit. You won’t go as far but much more efficient.

Now I know this version doesn’t make a great instagram pic, so if you are taking a picture for instagram, get those hips forward and down, take the pic….then get the hips back over the knee, follow the steps above and actually stretch your hip flexors 😜